The Site

7 Millbank sits at a prominent location on the north-eastern corner of Smith Square and is bounded by Dean Stanley Street and Millbank.

The 9-storey building, originally constructed as the headquarters for British American Tobacco,was designed by Gordon & Gunton and constructed between 1913 and 1915. It is not listed although is identified as a building of merit within the Smith Square Conservation Area.

It has most recently has been used as office space as part of the Parliamentary Estate who are expected to vacate the building in early 2022.

Existing Issues

There are a number of issues with the existing building which we are keen to
address through its redevelopment. These include:

Old Park Lane Management Limited, acting as asset mangers for Baola Properties Limited, as the long-terms owners of the site, are looking to bring forward proposals for the site which will see:

• The facades suffer from embedded steelwork corrosion where the steel frame, that is enclosed within the façade, is corroding. The building was most recently encased in scaffolding for 3 years but this has only made it safe for the timebeing. As a result, it is in need of investment to avoid future periodic maintenance works.

• The interior is tired, has an inefficient layout and is not suited to modern occupier needs, and there is a lack of cycle parking or ‘end of trip’ facilities (eg showers) for office tenants.

• The entrances to both buildings are relatively poor, do not meet disability requirements, and do not reflect the location or prominence of the building.

• The roofscape is inconsistent with the local area, includes an unsympathetic 1960s extension and lacks urban greening

Our Proposals

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